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About Us - Chattanooga Attorney Finder is a completely new type of marketing alternative for Chattanooga area legal professionals.

Matching practicing attorneys with potential clients in a 21st century marketplace provides unique challenges. Understanding how social networking and modern marketing techniques work together to achieve the best result is a big part of the design of our website.

Our listing service targets each attorneys area of specialty. Listing in our database is free to any attorney practicing in the Chattanooga area, and licensed to practice in Georgia or Tennessee.

Out of the 1240 attorneys and law firms we list in our database, we sell only 40 ads, or ads totaling 3.23% of our total database. Contact us soon, because once those are sold, we are full and will not be selling any further ad spaces until 2015.
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     Our premium ad clients receive an ad on every search results page, and receive priority (top billing) search results on searches in their areas of practice. In addition to this, our paying clients have their photograph rotated through the 9 “Most Common Areas of Practice” banners, located at the top of our home page.

We've learned from experience that by providing potential new legal clients with a more rounded understanding of who each attorney is, we're able to help them make an informed decision about who they feel will best represent them.

We understand that potential clients feel more comfortable choosing an attorney when they're provided with the most complete picture of who that attorney is. Rather than just basic information on our listed attorneys, we provide 32 areas of practice, multiple degrees, bar memberships, court admissions, association memberships, awards, community legal services, community activities and notable cases.

We have 16 years of internet marketing and development experience in the Chattanooga area and a unique perspective on the needs of local attorneys.

We believe that we have created the most elegant and technologically savvy solution to help Chattanooga area attorneys get the best results for their advertising dollar, and our prices are very competitive with all of the big, national, corporate listing services. In addition to our database listing service, we also offer custom website design services, specifically tailored to Chattanooga attorneys, including photography and videography services.

Feel free to inquire about your free listing in our database, or our custom web design services using our contact form.

   Chattanooga Market Street Bridge - Photo Credit: Fil Manley


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