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Here is what our ad clients are saying...
     “I have worked closely with the team at Chattanooga Attorney Finder and have been greatly impressed with the look of the ads and the results. As marketing turns more and more toward the internet, this is a vital resource for the Chattanooga legal community. Thank you again!!!”

Amelia Roberts Esq.
Conner & Roberts PLLC
P: 423-266-2144
Conner and Roberts Lawyers Chattanooga
  "I was very impressed when I discovered the new web site, Knowing how valuable this site would be as a resource in the Chattanooga area, I certainly wanted to advertise my business services to this market. The advertising team has accommodated every request I've made while paying very close attention to every needed detail. I'm looking forward to the excellent results of this advertising!"

Ed Coffey - President/Owner
ARCpoint Labs of Chattanooga
P: 423-468-3734
Arcpoint Labs of Chattanooga
  We provide quality and value for your advertising dollar

From its incpetion, we designed our site to showcase our paid advertisers to everyone who comes to us searching for a Chattanooga attorney. We provide a free listing to any licensed Chattanooga attorney who wants one, but everyone knows that most people don't look past the second page of search results. We provide quality ad results and value to our paid ad clients by showcasing their name and photo on every page of our site. We only sell a limited number of ads, and this means that we also provide exclusivity. Our ad sales are based on a one year contract, and that means that once we sell all of our ads, there will be no more sold for the following year. Because of this, our paid advertisers have a big advantage over non-paying attorneys, because their ad appears at the top of the page, on every search results page for categories in which they practice. Every attorney listed in our database has their own profile on our site, which contains their photo, their bio and all of their relevant information. One huge advantage we provide to our ad clients is that their ad will appear on the profile of their competitors, if they're not also a paid advertiser. In addition, our paid advertisers have no ads displayed on their own profiles. All of our paid advertisers are exposed to people when they first visit our home page, as their photo cycles through our "Top 9" categories on the very top of our home page.

Our paid advertisers receive the following benefits:

  • Exposure on the profile pages of competing attorneys (if they're not also advertisers) who work in the same areas of practice
  • Photo exposure on our home page, in 9 most common practice areas. This means that if someone is looking for a criminal attorney (or other) and you're an advertiser in that category, your photo will appear as the first thing our visitors see as it rotates through those areas of our home page.
  • Rotation through 12 other ad spots on our home page
  • Priority search results - This means that if someone searches within their area of practice, our paid advertisers show up at the top of the list.
  • Priority Advertisers receive a spot on the right, left and center columns of our search results page - This means that every advertiser will show up at least once on every search result.

Please contact us if you would like to inquire about advertising with us.


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