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Frequently Asked Questions - Chattanooga Attorney Finder
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   Q. How are you different from other directories?
  Q. How are you doing in the search engines?
  Q. What is Search Engine Optimization and how do you apply it?
  Q. What analytics tools do you use?
  Q: How was the site designed?
  Q: How do your ads provide value?
  Q: How do your ad contracts work?
  Q: Can you build a website for me and/or my company?

A: How are you different from other directories?

We've specifically designed our online attorney directory to showcase our advertising attorneys. The yellow pages sites are designed to promote all types of businesses, whereas Chattanooga Attorney Finder is designed specifically to promote and display Chattanooga attorneys. We do this by displaying the photos of our advertising attorneys in the top 9 categories on the very top of our home page. This means that our attorneys with paid ads are going to have their photo seen, with their name and area of practice immediately when people visit our site. There are only a couple of national directories specifically designed to display attorneys, but because they're national, they're unable to convey the local relevance we do, as our site is designed, built and run by Chattanoogans to promote Chattanooga attorneys.

A: How are you doing in the search engines?

From the moment our website came online on February 12th, 2014, we've experienced a dramtic and sharp rise in all of the major search engines. We are on page 1 of search results, for most relevant attorney related searches in Yahoo and Bing, and have steadily climbed in Google, from page 14, to our current position on page 1 of Google search results for the common search "Chattanooga Attorney". We supplement our position in Google by budgeting our own ad on Google which places us at the very top of the page in Google for common search terms.

A: What is search engine optimization and how do you apply it?

Search Engine Optimization a method of building a website so that it naturally does great in the search engines. Chattanooga Attorney uses the very latest in search engine optimization, which accounts for our outstanding results in just over two months. Our site employs many relevant keywords which search engines use to place us very high in searches related to Chattanooga attorneys. We also use other methods including meta tags, site maps and others which ensure that we continue to do well in all the major search engines. The bottom line is that every aspect of our site development, from database design, html coding and graphics design, all have been crafted together to give us the best possible results in every major search engine.

Q: What analytics tools do you use?

Analytics software is provided to us by the search engines, and we include it in the coding of our site. This software allows us to monitor and gauge our performance in the search engines, which allows us to constantly tweak our site to gain the best possible search results for all of our advertising attorneys. Currently we're using MSN, Yahoo and Google analytics.

Q: How was the site designed?

From the very beginning, we planned our site to function as a showcase for our advertising clients. We set out to build the most graphically and aesthetically pleasing attorney directory in the country, and we think we've accompblished that goal. Once we had a plan for how to showcase our advertisers, we set about compiling the most comprehensive database of Chattanooga attorneys possible. We did this by collecting every scrap of information we could about each attorney. We can collect a total of 137 points of information about each attorney, including things like education, court admissions, community service, hours of operation, notable cases and a complete biography. By collecting all of this information, we've ensured that our site as a whole and our individual attorneys get the greatest possible exposure in all the major search engines. Our database now contains over 1200 attorneys and law firms, instantly searchable on our sites and through the search engines, because we use search engine friendly URLS. This means that we provide exposure to individual attorneys in most of the major search engines, because their profiles are indexed individually. Once we decided what information to collect, we set up a very fast SQL database to convey the information. Chattanooga Attorney was created from scratch. We employed no pre-packaged code, we developed from the ground up, every line of code because we needed to ensure that our site would achieve our goals of being a very fast and very efficient tool for showcasing advertising attorneys.

Q: How do your ads provide value?

Our database provides free listing to every Chattanooga attorney who wants one, but everyone knows that most people don't look past the second page of search results. We provide quality ad results and value to our paid ad clients by showcasing their name and photo on every page of our site. We only sell a limited number of ads, and this means that we also provide exclusivity. Our ad sales are based on a one year contract, and that means that once we sell all of our ads, there will be no more sold for the following year. Because of this, our paid advertisers have a big advantage over non-paying attorneys, because their ad appears at the top of the page, on every search results page for categories in which they practice. Every attorney listed in our database has their own profile on our site, which contains their photo, their bio and all of their relevant information. One huge advantage we provide to our ad clients is that their ad will appear on the profile of their competitors, if they're not also a paid advertiser. In addition, our paid advertisers have no ads displayed on their own profiles. All of our paid advertisers are exposed to people when they first visit our home page, as their photo cycles through our "Top 9" categories on the very top of our home page.

Q:  How do your ad contracts work?

We sell a limited number of individual and banner advertisements based on a one year contract, paid monthly. We accept payment through Paypal. When you purchase an ad, we will send you a link you can use to enter your own credit card information. After that, your card will be billed each month, for the next 12 months. Clients who purchase an ad with us this year, will not have their ad price raised if they choose to continue their ad contract for a second year.

Q: Can you build a website for me and/or my company?

One problem which many attorneys deal with is how to get the best exposure through their own website. Many of the attorneys in our database have no website at all. This is a huge disadvantage in the age of online exposure and advertising. When you have plenty of business and are busy, it's easy to neglect this important part of running a legal practice. When things slow down though, it becomes important, but if you wait until then to start on your website, you're behind the curve, and at a strong disadvantage to any competing attorney who has a good legal website. Chattanooga Attorney Finder came about because our developers were designing sites for attorneys and saw the outrageous monthly prices that some attorneys were paying to big marketing companies for very little return. A good legal website doesn't require constant tuning to make it relevant in search engines, it just has to be built right from the beginning. Our web design team has the experience and technical ability to design for you a well tuned, search engine friendly website for much less our competitors. We can provide you with a basic website for very low cost, which is specifically designed to give you great exposure in the search engines, and pull in the greatest amount of traffic. This simple, low-cost website includes all of your relevant information, as well as your photo, hours of operation, contact information and a contact form, which allows potential clients to contact you, without letting spammers know your email address. For those wanting something more comprehensive, we provide industry specific, attorney and law firm web design, which includes built-in search engine optimization, and can provide as much information as you think is needed to help potential clients understand who you are and how you can help them. You'll find that our prices are very reasonable, and our sites can compete with the most expensive sites in the country. Both our budget sites and our custom sites are great values for any attorney.


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